• Brian Laliberte

It takes a village to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem

Today I met with two founders. One already has seed funding for his tech-focused company. The other (also a tech-focused company) is in the process of raising capital. The theme that ran through both meetings was the need, and indeed the desire, to build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Columbus. These founders recognize that they are part of something greater than themselves as they continue to grow their companies.

We as a community need to help align founders, capital, lawyers and law firms, accountants, and other professionals to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation. If all we do is see one another as potential "business development opportunities" or a source of billable hours, we aren't ever going to create the types of long-term value added partnerships that will make Columbus what it has the potential to be - a sustainable and growing Midwestern hub for technology entrepreneurs and startups.


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