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Who We Are

Oak Moon Ventures invests in early stage technology companies with high potential for sustainable growth and value creation. 

We are more than a venture capital firm. We are big strategic thinkers focused on identifying opportunities to invest in transformative technology.


We find the world exciting precisely because of its infinite variety and complexity. We are energized by learning.

We are fascinated by what the future holds and how we  can maximize our potential as we continue to push the boundaries of technology. ​


We leverage our collective experience and national network of subject matter experts to help our portfolio companies accelerate their success and maximize their purpose.

We are passionate about growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ohio and the Great Lakes.

Where others see risk, we see opportunity.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to invest in, build, and grow highly competitive, valuable, and sustainable technology companies. 





Smart Capital

We are active investors with deep problem-solving experience in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous situations.

We have deep industry experience in FinTech, InsurTech, HealthTech, and LegalTech. 

Our Advisory Board and Venture Partners are subject matter experts in public health, health technology, insurance and financial technology, data analytics, corporate finance, operations, marketing, business development, and public policy.

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Straight Talk

We are objective and clear-headed in our analysis and plain-spoken and direct in our advice.


We collaborate with our founders and their teams to achieve their objectives and will never waver in our pursuit of their success.


Company and Market Characteristics

The Fund will seek early stage investments in companies pursuing a "Blue Ocean Strategy." A Blue Ocean Strategy takes advantage of an unexplored market space that has wider and deeper potential than existing markets. We will seek investment in companies focused on creating markets. We will invest in companies that create markets for products that solve an existing unsolved problem or an unknown problem it identifies and solves. These markets potentially can be untainted by competition, allowing for the market-maker to create the rules of the game and erect barriers to entry that drive competitive advantage.

Founder Alignment

We only invest in portfolio companies where our team has strong alignment and fit with the founder, her team, the industry, and product.

We want to work with people who are capable and committed to growing a sustainable business that will generate economic value and be good stewards of the communities in which they operate. They must view complexity and uncertainty as opportunity. They must be nimble and motivated by rapid change. They must exhibit true grit when they fail and use failure as an opportunity to learn and develop.


We are committed to the success of our portfolio companies. We will actively engage with founders and their teams. We will work with them to proactively identify and remove impediments to their sustainable growth. We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them to solve their most difficult, sensitive, and urgent problems.

Manageable Equity

We invest in companies that have high-potential for sustainable growth.


Our maximum equity position in any portfolio company does not exceed 20%.

Fair Valuations

We believe in fair and honest valuations. Even the best analyses of a company's economic potential, however, may not yield a fair valuation.


We work with founders to identify an appropriate valuation based upon real data and their company's plan to achieve sustainable growth.


We do not believe in punitive valuations that misalign economic and decision rights and disincentivize founders and their teams. 


We expect our founders and their teams to be transparent and accountable so that we can help them avoid problems before they become an impediment and so that they can realize and maximize their potential and achieve their purpose.

We too will be transparent with our founders and our investors.



Our Approach

We immerse ourselves in the details of our portfolio companies' industries and the competitive environments in which they operate.


We learn their business from the bottom up and build fluency with founders and leadership teams. This enables us to leverage our collective experience to add value to our portfolio companies beyond our capital investment. 

Our work is designed to help our portfolio companies drive their competitive advantage and to maximize their sustainable growth.

Years of Experience

We have more than 100-years of combined experience solving complex business problems in a variety of industries. We are lawyers, strategists, finance and marketing professionals, academics, and operators.

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Industry Focus

We leverage our collective experience to identify and invest in early stage technology-enabled companies with high potential for sustainable growth.

Our industry foci are FinTech, InsurTech, HealthTech, and Legal Tech.

Although we are best suited to work with companies in these industries, our intellectual curiosity and passion for innovation compel us to consider working with radically disruptive technology-enabled firms in other industries.




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35 E. Gay Street - Suite 403

Columbus, OH 43215

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Our Phone No. 614-216-2073

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